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Onlive: Apple Acquisition Edition

Last week, we heard the news of Onlive. The view of the company's potential really depends on the perspective of the viewer. The mainstream media, the rapture is upon us. The game industry is in a state of turmoil and publishers are fighting a losing battle here on earth while those who signed with Onlive are ascending to heaven, only to return in the 4th quarter when all other publishers died on the swords of their own hubris. The gaming press is looking at it the way a cat paws at a dead rat hoping it will jump up and start to play, all the time saying "so tell me again why this is better than Steam?" Either way, I just wish I had a piece of it because these guys are going to make a lot of money.

With Mike McGarvey involved, it is no surprise the company is a press juggernaut. In a former life, Mike, Dave Cox, Paul Baldwin, Sutton Trout and a handful of others launched Tomb Raider from a then two month old Eidos, generating a ton of press and instantly turnin…