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I Ran Two Marathons Today: Idiot Edition

I realize I have not written in a long time, and I am working on a real post. But, in the mean time, I want to create a permanent record of the pain created by a repeated act of hubris which I like to consider my second and last marathon. Last year I wrote an overly romantic recollection of my first marathon. I say overly romantic because I forgot to mention the pain. Now, as I walk about my house with the gait of my 93 year old grandmother, I remember being told human beings have no recollection of pain. I'm told it is an evolutionary thing. If women remembered the pain of child birth, they wouldn't do it again. Having seen child birth first hand, I can confidently say my pain is nothing like it and there is no part of the marathon that involved anything big coming out of a not so big place, but my calves hurt a lot. You see, marathons are like surgery, you feel great going in and like shit coming out. Had I written this last year, I could have read it and avoided…