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Misquoted Again - Hollywood Style: Bullshit Edition

I started this blog when I was grossly misquoted as announcing a game based on the film "Juno." While it is a great film, there is really not a lot of content lending itself to a game, and I have never represented a property controlled by Fox or anyone involved with the film. I figured the best way to do it was to write my own stuff.

Well, consistent with my new theme of "everything old is new again" the blog is coming full circle. I am returning to the original purpose and providing a platform for correction. If Ashton Kutcher is more powerful than CNN, I must at least be a speed bump relative to the Hollywood Reporter, the most recent proponent of the brutal marriage of free speech and truthiness. Sometimes misquotes are by ommission, some are by commission and in very special cases, like last week when I was quoted in an article of games based on film licenses, they are both. My quote said:

Keith Boesky, a principal at Boesky & Co., says that studios…