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Nothing is more humbling than receiving credit for someone else's great work - not that it stops me.  Ralph Osterhout is a close friend of twenty years and four years ago he invited me to start working with him and the amazing team at Osterhout Design Group.   To say Ralph is legendary for his work and presence is a disservice to reality.   A short list of his inventions includes PVS 7 night vision goggles, Navy Seal Rebreathers, the Shark Dart (look it up), Dry Suits for swimming under the polar ice caps to blow up bad guys' submarines, the Yack Back player from Home Alone, high intensity water pistols, the weapons "Q" presents as his own in The Spy Who Loved me and the magic trick where Teller drowns on stage in Penn and Teller's act and these are just a few.   So when he asked me to stand in for him at Augmented World Expo and present the teams work I accepted only with tremendous humility and apprehension.  Here it is.