Star Wars: They Don't Know How Good They Have It Edition

My son was a huge Star Wars fan. From ages 7 to 9 he was completely consumed and studied every fact. While it blurred the line between home life and the people I encountered every day at work, it was an interesting period. One day, he just lost interest. It was like someone snuck into his room in the middle of the night and changed the chip in his brain. I am confident the interest will come back, so I poke at the memory's corpse every once in a while.

A few days ago we were talking about it and I think I see the problem. I had to wait the better part of a life time to see the whole story. Having been born in 1995, it was just handed to him all at once. There is no appreciation for the wait.

"Do you think you ever want to watch Star Wars again?"

"Mmmm maybe."

"I thought you didn't like it anymore."

"Eh." I am learning that 12 year olds are mostly monosyllabic. I think it is a conservation of energy thing.

"So you do like it?

"Yeah. But you always want to sit down and watch all six movies in one sitting." It came with the intonation usually reserved for questions about going to the dentist.

"yes . . . . so. . . ." I was confused. How could you question this kind of day.

"Why do you we have to watch them like that?"

"Because we can."


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