Check it Out: The Start of Something Big Edition

Incinerator Studios launched their new Playdek venture with Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer - much more to come soon. Don't listen to me though, I am biased, check out the five star average from the 77 ratings that came in during the first 24 hours of the launch and read the reviews in the store.

Here is a better description than I could write:

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, is the first officially licensed deck building card game for iOS. Play alone or with friends to battle against the Fallen One for honor and victory. Conceived and designed by three Magic: The Gathering tournament players, Ascension will provide hours of engaging and strategic game play for enthusiast and experienced gamers alike.
For millennia, the world of Vigil has been isolated and protected from other realms. Now, the barrier between dimensions is failing, and Samael, the Fallen God, has returned with his army of Monsters from the beyond! You are one of the few warriors capable of facing this threat and defending your world, but you cannot do it alone! You must summon powerful Heroes and Constructs to aid you in your battles. The player who gains the most Honor Points will lead his army to defeat the Fallen One and earn the title of Godslayer!


Full asynchronous support for multiplayer online games
Play against multiple A.I. opponents using varied strategies
Play against others with “pass and play” multiplayer
Introductory tutorial to teach you how to play
Enhanced visual optimization for iPhone 4 and iPad using high resolution graphics designed for the retina display
Maintain and save multiple games

Recruit Heroes and Constructs to bolster your deck
Defeat Monsters for Honor and rewards
Automatic cleanup, shuffling and scoring
Universal App – play Ascension on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3, or iPod Touch 4 for a single low price
1st officially licensed deck building game for iPhone and iPad
Over 50 beautifully detailed cards, hand drawn by Eric Sabee
Version: 1.0
Platform: iOS Universal App


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