A Story: Long Time Between Posts Edition

There once was a little boy who never spoke. Sure, he cried like all the other babies, but after his first year, not a sound. The other babies started to talk, and he remained quiet. His parents took him to specialists all around the world and test after test revealed nothing but a normal child. No one knew why the boy wasn't talking.

One night the parents were sitting, eating dinner with their silent boy. His mother put a bowl of chicken soup in front of him.

"There is a hair in my soup." The boy said to the parents who stared in disbelief.
"you spoke!" the father said.
"Of course I did, there is a hair in my soup." The boy said very articulately.
"But . . . it's been years, you never spoke. Why didn't you ever say anything?" Said the shocked mother.
"Until this hair thing, everything was ok."


treen said…
nice story and wonderfull post

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