Pride of the Yankees:It's Never Been Easier to Do Good Edition

I received this email from talented musician and all around great guy Dan Navarro this morning:

Those of you who know me probably know my 28-year partner in Lowen & Navarro, Eric Lowen, was diagnosed in March 2004 with the degenerative, incurable, paralyzing, fatal neuromuscular disease ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's Disease. Though most people with ALS die within 3-5 years, he is still singing and we are still touring. We also have a new album, called "Learning To Fall", releasing in a couple of months on our own label, Red Hen Records.

Last November, Eric and I gathered 30 or so people whose lives have been affected by ALS -- PALS (People With ALS), their families, friends, supporters and caregivers -- to sing on the recording of the title track of our new album. The song "Learning To Fall", written by Eric Lowen and Preston Sturges (son of the famed 1940s film director) chronicles Eric's struggle with ALS and life as he's known it.

Among the friends was Five For Fighting's John Ondrasik, who last year launched a website devoted to promoting charitable causes and generating click-through donations for those causes. The site is, named after his similarly titled hit song.

The event was captured by METal brother Mark Waldrep and his wife Mona, and recorded by Grammy winning producer and engineer Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Dixie Chicks, Foo Fighters, Wilco, Sting) at his private studio in Valencia. The resulting music video is currently featured on Ondrasik's site, and will be, indefinitely.

When you view the video, you log a credit that earns the benefited charity -- in this case, Augie's Quest, an ALS support and research group associated with the Muscular Dystrophy Assn -- a buck or so for each click. You can also donate directly to the central clearinghouse, the California Community Foundation, if you so desire. But this is NOT a request for a donation, and you need not donate to be of help. Just give the video a view and you willmake a difference.

Thanks so much for listening, guys. Hope you enjoy the vid, and the music. The album will be out in July, and I'll have copies available then for anyone who wants one, or MP3 or AAC downloads even sooner, if that's your cup.



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