Check it Out: Cool Animations Edition

This animations has been floating around the web for a while, but it really blew me away.

This one was kind of neat too.

The innovations reminded me of The Neverhood, the first property acquired by DreamWorks. Doug Tennapel pitched the idea in Steven Spielberg's home before the studio was even announced, and it was supposed to be DreamWorks first transmedia property. They were going to do toys, films and lots of stuff, until someone thought "Prince of Egypt" was a better idea.

The game was created with over 3 tons of clay, a lot of wood, and a digital still camera, one frame at a time. I feel pretty comfortable saying no game will ever use this much clay again. Not many people got to see the game. Let's just say Mr. Katzenberg had an interesting marketing approach. Here are some scenes:

Here is some making of:


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