Check it Out: Otoy Edition

Jules Urbach is one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. He is also a genius and a champion snow skier. When he was 18, he deferred an acceptance into Harvard's Computer Science program to write the code for Hell Cab. He was not properly compensated. After Hell Cab, he thought about a better way to render 3d and created 3D Groove, and the Groove Alliance. The browser based system was not only utilized by developers all around the world, but it resulted in the first 3d game on Shockwave, Real Pool, which was also one of the most successful. Again, he was kind of screwed by some nefarious folks involved in the company. After a number of years, Jules single handled created create a new way to render 3d in real time and present it through anything from an IM Client to a browser. He started the company because he wanted to play in a world where Star Trek assets interacted with Battleship Yamato assets in scale and real time. Now he can do that and more. The results are mind boggling.

Here are a couple of videos showing real time rendering for commercial purposes, but also rendering on the cloud, for those of us who do not have a render farm in our closet. Now we all know about Jules, let's all make sure he gets what he deserves.


Ray Tracey said…
I've seen the Otoy demo's , they're absolutely jaw dropping, especially the new Ruby demo. The technology is so exciting that I made a blog about it:

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