Check it out: Game CRACK Echochrome Edition

Stop what you are doing. Stop reading, and go download the Echochrome demo on PS3. The game is full of the "i" word. It is just like Portal without the guns. You know what, it is really nothing like Portal. That is the point. It is like nothing else out there and it is addictive.

I read an article once where the author wondered what Escher would have done if he had access to computers. He would have built Echochrome. You know you had an Escher poster on your wall once. Go play.


Stephen Peacock said…
The only thing perhaps more addictive than playing Echochrome is building levels to challenge your friends!

What does it say about me or the current games on next gen consoles that Echochrome and Flow are the driving reasons why I am finally considering a PS3..

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